In his prior role as Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary of Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC, Brad Haddock was responsible for the legal health of the group, including partnering with key business leaders, development and leadership of legal team members, corporate governance, acquisitions and integration, compliance programs and training, litigation, budget development and oversight, management of the group's intellectual property portfolio, and the selection and management of outside counsel.  During his 28 year tenure, the group’s revenues grew more than 35-fold from acquisitions and internal growth.

Brad's extensive hands-on experience as a senior corporate executive and chief legal officer gave him the opportunity to develop a unique set of skills and expertise not readily available in most private law firms.  While at Koch, Brad was able to develop and use a holistic approach to practicing law, requiring an appreciation and consideration of the business and legal issues, and living with the decisions made as a member of the business leadership team.  For recommendations and comments from current clients and former Koch colleagues, see Brad's profile at LinkedIn.

Having served as in-house counsel, Brad recognizes and understands the importance of finding the right legal advisers who share the organization’s vision, can align interests, and provide definitive, candid, and timely advice cost-effectively.  As The Wall Street Journal has observed, many large corporations have begun to question the old adage "bigger is better", turning to smaller, more nimble law firms, finding the needed expertise and a higher level of customer service at a much more reasonable price.  We are interested in working with you and developing a virtual general counsel program which meets your company's needs and provides the value of having experienced legal counsel available to you at a fraction of the cost of a full-time in-house lawyer.  


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January 2019.